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10 Ways to remove EGO from your WORKOUT/GYM

 Ego seems to go hand in hand with gyms and the health & fitness industry these days….everyone chasing Instagram followers and Facebook likes…..the rise of the 23 year old skimpy clothed “fitness model” entrepreneur and all that jazz.

But this is also nothing new….it’s just a different format.

Like most areas these days…we are seeing the best of things and the worst of things….it is all getting magnified. Unfortunately a lot of the genuine, knowledgeable, authentic beings/messages are getting crowded out by our obsession with all things sparkly and promising of a more fulfilling life…. why do we all feel so incomplete?

To combat this….here is my starting point for us all to embark on the crusade of removing EGO from our workouts, our gym and the fitness industry on a bigger level…..let’s do this…..

1. Make it about YOU

Your workout, your gym visit, your run can be purely about you….not who you are showing it to…..be present, feel your body, hear your breathing….fully embody it….let the world disappear.

2. Put your Phone DOWN

Yep, you knew that was coming. No fn’ selfies, no posting about how awesome your workout was, no hashtagging ohbroshesquats – it’s getting really sad and boring. Are you a walking soul-less sales board? Do you really need endless reinforcement of your self-worth from others…. Come on man/woman…. be you, be strong, stop being cattle, stop being a drone….. step up.

3. Stop POSTING about your workouts/gym-life 24-7

Oh you did a workout on your legs…please tell me how awesome you are? Can’t walk for 3 days…well…who’s the d*ckhead?

More seriously, work out how you want…..if it makes you feel awesome and it is important to you….but you do not need to share it with the world….really now you? Got a gym buddy? Private message that sh*t.

4. Put yourself in your body (and out of it…and back in)

Ever tried really feeling the exercise….and even better, the adfter effects.

Put your full attention into the muscle(s) being worked…feel it squeeze and contract and fill with blood, feel it extend and stretch out, feel your core muscles contract to balance and stabilise the body, feel your feet grip into and hold onto the ground, feel the breath groove into your lungs and expand your rib cage…..and so forth.

Detach yourself from your body and then re-enter to notice the difference and re-connect.

Rinse….and repeat.

5. Focus on the MOVEMENT, not the weight

A full contraction is the aim of the game…not the number written on the side of the manufactured dumbbell.

The body, the muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and whatever else you may have does not know the numbers….nor care….it knows and responds best to controlled conscious movement….full extension, contraction….do things with care, control, flow…..with the natural movements of the body as  a basic structure to build on.

6. Reward Vs. Risk

What’s the goal of your workout? Injury or results?
Weigh it up and choose intelligently and accordingly.

7. Hit key movement patterns and muscles groups rather than “beach muscles”…..

Don’t get me wrong…of course it’s fun and ok to have a bit of fun with arm curls and fancy bum exercises but don’t make it the cornerstone of your workout….or you will be disappointed and or get yourself injured.

The body is designed to work as a whole unit….. train it consistently as individual parts and it will begin acting like that…..you will look ‘weird’ and you will start getting chronic injuries….nothing surer.

Full body movements give a lot of bang for your buck and with wise selection and controlled focused execution you will have most things covered. Push, pull, lift, rotate, squat and lunge and you pretty much have it covered.

8. Choose your gym on what it provides with fitness and service rather than on it’s marketing

This one is getting trickier and trickier……especially to the untrained eye.

Whilst there has definitely been some great advances in knowledge and services on the marketplace…..there has been more advances made in the marketing and promotion of these services.

Likewise with business systems and profitability models now often taking precedence over service and results with many any businesses (passion anyone??) …..quite often the highest profile services and businesses are not necessarily the best ones for you.

Sometimes they are……buyer beware.

9. Go the GYM to be a better person (YOU) not better than others…

Focus the competition on yourself….beat the you from yesterday. Lose the comparisons…..throw them away. By all means….utilise them for inspiration but don’t play the ego game with them or let them bring you down by allowing yourself to feel inferior or incomplete.

10. This ones for you….

Enter your here….

We are all unique and whilst I have offered some guidelines and trigger points here for you to consider….your journey is yours, your experiences have no doubt been unique to you….. so this space is over to you.

In summary….

Play hard without the ego…..and smile at your fellow fitness enthusiasts…


author: Bryan Beinke


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