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20 Ways Karmony is different to other gyms….


  1. Personal Connection & Community comes first – yes even before health and fitness. For me (and Karmony) it is no.1. The rest can grow organically and beautiful out of that.
  2. All sessions are professionally planned, structured and ran with purpose.
  3. The goal of all sessions is training for performance and function…..for life and the person first, for show second.
  4. You can remove your mask….and you are very encouraged to do so. This is a safe non-intimidating environment that allows you to ‘not pretend’, to ‘be yourself’ and take time out from the craziness of society and life.
  5.  Reward over risk.  3c644282-e63a-4429-bbe7-948f8fca02b4
  6. Karmony’s focus is on what really matters to it’s members rather than on building instagram followers or pleasing the marketing experts. We do not have to tell everyone about every workout we do…..every single goal we hit….we know what we are doing and we support each other in house….that’s the important thing. I would much rather be involved with running a session or talking to a member than taking a photo of it…..
  7. Workouts are designed for consistency and balance rather than an all or nothing approach…..minimizing injuries and/or burnout is a key aspect in planning.
  8. Karmony is full of experienced coaches…..not newbies.
  9. Karmony is full of people that care. All the coaches and members are in it together. Could not be prouder of this.
  10. Ego is always pushed to the outer.  20b5fa8f-2705-4bae-9bb1-90d127fee5b1
  11. There is 1 mirror in the facility (not including bathrooms).
  12. We do not subscribe to or preach any dogmatic principles to anyone…..everyone is unique and not one thing works for all…..likewise we are all at different stages of our journey and what might be working for me now will not work for you and vice versa.
  13. Karmony is for real people living real lives – we promote a healthy social life, breaking the rules from time to time……this all accepted and even encouraged..the support is always there so we never ‘stray’ to far and regularly re-focus on the key aspects of a healthy (and fit) lifestyle.
  14. Always aims to be educational without shoving anything down anyone’s throat – it’s there if you want and/or when you are ready for it.
  15. Flexible and always evolving – lots of options to suit your goals, timetable and capabilities.
  16. Karmony’s programs and services are primarily based on results and enjoyment of it’s members not profits…..to the best of our ability. (someone has to pay the rent). 🙂 7cd58a76-c7c0-4754-98b6-d1212c501841
  17. Authenticity is the no. 1 goal all the time.
  18. Karmony offers such a unique blend of classes and services…..these are evolving and growing every day. Not that long ago….Karmony was offering 5-7 sessions per week. Now there are over 40…..and this will grow.
  19. Karmony is local (S.A.) built from the ground up, fully personal, not a franchise based primarily on systems and a business model but based on its people….fitting the business to its people not the other way around….being there hearing, experiencing and feeling the vibe each and everyday and building with that.
  20. I love it….it’s built on pure passion and heart and love (yep, I did just say that!)

author: Bryan Beinke


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