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Clean up your act man (and woman)…… Here’s WHY & HOW

Clean up your act man (and woman)……

Here’s WHY & HOW

Martin dreamed of a time when we all walk hand in hand, Kendrick had a dream……I dream of a time when we take control back of our own bodies and health (and minds for that matter)…..a time when we stop complicating everything so much and realise that we have been duped and misled by other’s agendas. A time when we realise that our bodies are not only wonderful supremely powerful self-healing beautiful entities but also are nowhere near as complicated as science and various institutions would have us believe.

Make them appear complicated, make them appear complex and susceptible to unknown behaviours and diseases ….give everything Latin names, call symptoms, effects and conditions a ‘crazy non-related’ term so as to add to the mystique and mythology of the whole she-bang……make it all unknown and scary and complex…..take away the personal power. How can a simple person understand the body when the “smartest” folk of society need a minimum of 5 years intense study to even touch on elements of understanding? You need ME/US to tell you how YOUR body works and behaves….how dare you suggest that YOU know better. You daft ignorant simpleton. Read our papers….look at all our initials and titles and white coats.

Actually NO…. it’s my body…..let me let you in on a little secret….no one will ever care for your body more than you….. is that sad? No, it’s the truth….and it’s fair enough. Self-responsibility….it’s the only way forward…SUSTAINABILITY. Yep, you will hear that again and again and again. Learn about it, get to know it, spend some time in it, nourish it, cherish it, love it, respect it and care for it….and it will return the favour…..even better, BE IT.

But I don’t understand it….I am not a biologist or a doctor or a …….. yeah but you are a human and you are YOU and even more so YOUR body belongs to YOU and YOU are with it more than anyone else…..that’s the best qualification you need….and just a little self-awareness and acceptance. Do YOU know who YOU is???

Ok…simple man, simple brain…..simple upbringing, education and life……leads to this…..the body is primarily a series of pipes and tubes and pipes and tubes…..vessels, veins, intestines, colons, digestive tracts, throats and so forth.

Tubes need to remain at least relatively open to flow sufficiently and stay relatively clean so as to not encourage nasties to build up or moulds or anything like that…..think plumbing, rivers, etc, etc. Same things happen in the body…..blockages cause floods, back ups of debris and all sorts of chaotic damage. Unclean build ups lead to mould and disease, rodents, bugs, foul odours and usually some degree of death. Above all, keep things clean and flowing and we are Halfway towards a healthy tube/pipe….oh wait up, healthy body. Is it this simple??? I don’t know is it?
Additionally, as we have ‘biological human like’ tubes….it helps that they be flexible and soft and all that nice stuff….staying lubricated and hydrated might be important as well one might propose.

When we get build ups and blockages and the like our body generally reacts by either “trying to store the build-up” (see my previous email)…..or it attempts to push it out of the body…..via the skin or one of our various orifices….please do not try to stop this, it is the body’s way of cleansing itself and happens for a reason.

OK…on to the cool stuff…how can we keep the body clean and regularly support and assist the body (I mean YOUR BODY) to stay clean and functioning in a beautiful state. On a side note….want good skin? Learn how to keep your body clean….man I wish someone taught me that when I was 12 (“Every wound will shape me…..Every scar will build my Throne”…..ahhh, it’s all good…..the lessons, the lessons, the gifts, the gifts…..a rose without a thorn is not authentic……..#digressorsanonymous)


Water – Oh man, you know how I feel about water and there needs to be 5 complete articles written about water very soon. What a beautiful amazing and fascinating substance….of course most of us take it for granted and think it is all the same……very very far from it. All water can be good…..some can be truly fn’ great…. Regardless, let’s just call it all water for now and make an agreement that we should consume clean quantities of it very regularly……it is the cornerstone of a healthy body and keeping YOUR BODY clean….thirsty?  That’s ok…..I’ll wait.

Sweating – Yes, the MOST POWERFUL mechanism by which we get all the bad sh*t out of our bodies. What happens when our body needs to get something out super quick…..???? Ever drank too much, picked up a bug, had a bad virus…..what happens? Yes, the body sweats….this is its way of getting loads of baddies out and getting it out quickly.

Helping the body do this on a regular and consistent basis is your no. 1 tool. Exercise of course is awesome but you also have the modern day options of saunas….infra-red being the pick of the moment.


Movement – all movement be it walking, yoga, “Go Psycho!”, ze old horizontal pogo dance, break dancing, unicycling, chainsaw juggling, saying hi to Mrs. Palmer….it is all good for the body. It’s the body’s way of moving the cr*p out of the muscles, massaging the organs, circulating the blood and maintaining fresh oxygen flow (fresh nicely flowing blood is the gift of life……anyone like orgasms? Whoops, out loud again???….oh, I don’t care…..double up people, double up!!! Do it already…..oh sorry Mum….sorry for talking about something that created me….naughty me)…..oh yeah movement? Do it already…vigorously sometimes is very good also.

Massage/Foam Rolling/Other physical therapies – manual stimulation (I mean massage) of the muscles is another great way to achieve the release of toxic build up and promote a cleaner healthier body for YOU (its sole owner)

Fibre – yes that stringy stuff that holds foods together….that stuff will comb your intestines and colon out like a janitor on ice……it also slows down the absorption of high carbohydrate foods preventing significant insulin spikes and hence increased fat gain and flat spots of energy.
A regular human being is a very good thing……some of those people…you know “those people” will they literally need a good…um….release….they are festering, toxic and seriously full of well…..human fertilizer.

Breathing – yes, we all do it….and like water we take ‘air’ for granted….take it away and see how we go….flood it with pollutants, odours, gases and other toxic stuff and see how we go…. I always remember doing some hill sprints for football training at Victor Harbour one beautiful training camp where the general idea was if you didn’t die then you made the team (hopefully there were at least 18 left)….anyway so we were doing these reasonably horrible hill sprints…..at this time some decent air in your lungs is a ‘must’……so this dude rocks up in his car and decides to stop for a chat with someone close by….blowing all his delightful exhaust fumes out the back of his VL Commodore for us all to inhale (full bucket style)….. so…how do you think our next hill sprint effort went??? Not good…. As we quickly found out if you want a well-functioning body, fresh clean air is pretty high on the list.
Learning to breathe deeply and expansively will do wonders for your circulation and the body’s ability to release residues, build ups and all that stuff that is not doing you any favours or that you have no use for anymore….breathe that sh*t out….yep, e-motions as well. Australia it is time to breathe Tony Abbott out of your system.
“Breathe the pressure”

Deep Cleansing Protocols (well well here’s the super fun nerdy dirty stuff…..please proceed with care Mrs. Librarian)

Colonics – oh sh*t…really…..are you going to go there. Yes, because I tell you what if you want to clean out some fully old school toxic build up (like your old New Kids on the Block cassettes) then a professionally administered colonic is the perfect menu item for you.  Gee, I even know some people that base their holidays around getting colonics done….yep, them’s the circles I move in (lucky me!)….you can get these done in Adelaide but yet to find a place I would give the kiss of approval to. Too far? Did I go too far with that one?

Enemas – the home made version of the above….and like a good tea or stew you can p[lay around with the concoction…… chuck in some MSM, chamomile, coffee, reishi, ginseng, sea salt, lemon (ouch)…… whatever’s your fancy

Liquid Zeolites – what the f is he on about? These are used for some heavy metal (and radiation) detoxification from your body tissue…..ever had mercury amalgams, eaten fish, x-rays, chemo….ever just lived and breathed….you likely have some heavy metals floating around if your system. Not good…..we want to draw these out. A dose or 2 of liquid zeolites every so often can help significantly with this. There are really strong links with heavy metal toxication and depression and other mental health disorders….this area truly is worth some exploration.

Herbs – some herbs are arguably designed to support the body in natural cleansing. Likely you know of many……herbs that support liver function, kidney, lungs, blood cleansing and so forth. Some of the best include milk thistle, dandelion (yes, dandelion), parsley, wormwood, stinging nettle and lots more….plants can be your best friend.

Oil Pulling – you may have heard of this in recent times on some guru’s web site or other….basically it involves swishing oil (often coconut, olive or sesame) around in your mouth for 5 to 20 minutes and then spitting it out…..because swallowing it would be foolish. The idea is that this practice cleans the bacteria, viruses and other toxins that can be held in your mouth and them before they enter the rest of your body.

Skin Brushing – primarily to cleanse and support the lymphatic system (which is a whole other article in itself so let’s not go too deep here). The lymphatic system lives primarily just beneath the skin…so skin brushing acts to release build up, blockages, etc It is often a good little test if your health….give yourself a brush and check out your smell…..bit rank? Time to clean up.

There are many more options that no doubt you have either heard of, might already use yourself or that you will likely stumble across in the future…..whatever the case….be aware how powerful YOU are…..take ownership and responsibility back for YOUR body….and make cleaning a way of life for you (and your family)….

Cleanliness is next to Godliness and we all know how popular God is……God is trending massively right now. God may just win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor….or at very least look killer on the red carpet.


author: Bryan Beinke


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