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A little something (important) about FAT and FATS

In the spirit of community and fellow man supporting fellow woman……I thought I would share this reply I just sent to one of our fellow comrades….
This was in response to why I thought she was putting on weight (fat)…as you know putting on weight is not necessarily an evil…..it’s generally the squishy stuff a lot of us do not like….
“You answered your own question down the bottom – it’s very fn’ easy to put on fat with shi**y choices (even if they are just a little treat here and there…..keep swapping these for better alternatives) That has to be accepted as gospel. You wanna lose…cut it out. STRAIGHT UP!!! Check out the EMPRESSS & ALPHA faceboook page for meal and snack ideas. You need some protein in your breakfast – it is the MOST IMPORTANT MEAL for PROTEIN. (Add protein powder or peanut butter to your porridge) Oh and some good fats would be highly beneficial
What are good fats – I find that really confusing.
Still can’t beat the response from Marcia Beinke (great last name….graduate of both the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, The Psychology Of Eating and currently completing her Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine….previous life as a Civil Engineer…..full nerd alert…..not sure about some people, I mean what ever happened to playing footy, drinking bourbon and listening to heavy metal??)
Here ’tis….
Don’t be afraid of fat. Its reputation is based on a series of rumours that have never been proven.
Just like water, fat is essential for our survival. Instead of looking at it as the ultimate in evil, try looking at it as the flavoursome, nutritious energy source that it is. Think brain development, energy, healthy skin, nutrient absorption and hormone production…. and so much more.   Of course, all fats and oils are not created equally.


For cooking stick to cold pressed coconut oil, organic butter and ghee (clarified butter). Not only are these oils tasty but they can be safely heated to high temperatures without changing the structure of the oil.
For salads use olive oil, flaxseed oil and avocado oil. Use oils that you actually like the taste of. This is not about persisting with something that you hate, it’s about making stuff taste better. Remember, if you can’t stand something then it isn’t going to be sustainable in the long term.


Note that while heating olive oil will not make it carcinogenic, it neutralises the good elements of the oil and the benefits are not realised.


Other great sources of oils are seeds and avocados. Nuts are great, they’re just a little more difficult to digest and should always be soaked prior to eating. Crushing seeds improves digestibility. Put a dessert spoon full of flaxseeds and/or pumpkin seeds into a coffee grinder and sprinkle them on your morning porridge for some extra tasty goodness.


Avoid pretty much all of the standard cooking oils (vegetable oil, cottonseed oil, canola oil, sunflower oil etc). These are generally toxic (due to the manufacturing process) and should never be used. Do not use industrialised fats of any kind (e.g. margarine). That shit will probably kill you.





author: Bryan Beinke


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