You will leave this 6 week program feeling (and looking) amazing and armed with all the tools to maintain your overall health, fitness and energy.  To continually ‘walk tall’ with ease without having to deny yourself, strictly follow rigid dogmatic principle or dis-connect from your friends because of the ‘diet’ you are on. Quite simply, this is the program for the modern day intelligent man or woman (i.e. YOU!) who wants to live an active social, professional, personal and family life and do it all with fantastic health, fitness and energy.



ALPHA & EMPRESS is a 6 week focused program to get you to your best…….feeling, performing and looking like the best YOU possible.


There are many eating/diet/transformation programs around…..but none quite like this. This is the real deal….we tackle everything from the top down and all the things in between as well. For me, a healthy and fit body is not enough. I want an outcome of significantly increased vigour for life, a massive lift in hope, dreams and energy. I want to see floating in your own self confidence and self esteem like never before. I want you to look back on the old you like you would on the old car you just traded in for the new deluxe series…..with fond memories and nostalgia…..but knowing the power, beauty, efficiency and class you now possess.


The 6 week simple, strucutured, action-based program is broken into several areas including…


  • Progressive and Educational Meal Plan
  • Weekly Focus
  • Mindset, Beliefs and Inspiration
  • Stress management techniques
  • Exercise – Workouts, Education and Challenges
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition
  • Latest Research & Awareness
  • Thought provocation (well, it would not be Karmony without a healthy dose of this)
  • Overall Health – how everything ties in together…..action steps to make this happen
  • Significant online portal and presence, community interaction
  • Community & Support
  • Fun & Connection


ALPHA & EMPRESS are above all else energising programs that allow for significant shifting of ‘old sh*t’ (programming) in body and mind. In its place the creation of space, implantation and growth of new knowledge and spark.
Choose from the appropriate button below that coincides with your current Karmony, Conscious Movement or The Full Spectrum Membership. Please note that you will need to become/remain a member of either of these for the duration of the program. If you choose to not become a member, choose the ALPHA/EMPRESS for non-members option.