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Another exciting new service offering at Karmony


Corrective Exercise


The older and/or wiser we get, the more we start to realise the importance of proper technique, good posture, and strength from within.


Knees… hips… shoulders… back… they start to tell us that we can’t keep running, lunging and squatting the way we used to.

The way we approach exercise and perhaps, our intention behind movement may start to shift…. Toward a place of FEELING better, stronger, more energised, more BALANCED, within our body. What a huge impact this has on our mind, our attitude, and therefore our daily experience.


Why Corrective Exercise?


Perhaps you have old sporting injuries? Super tight hamstrings, tight neck and shoulders from the computer slump? A core and pelvic floor that don’t seem to remember how to hold you tight and strong after having a baby or 10? Excessive curves through your spine and man, your back kills at the end of a long day? Or maybe you just want enhanced body awareness in the gym…to lift more and run faster without injury…


Our bodies are masters at adjusting to a painful stimulus. Overload or injury in one place will make us shift the way we move to avoid pain or instability, placing more strain on muscles that are already busy doing their specific job. Over time, the impact of overload through muscles and joints compresses and hardens to keep us stable and held together. We may lose the ability to feel and activate certain muscles that are designed to hold our spine and skeleton strong and stable from within.





It’s not too late. And even better… you do not need to just ‘accept’ the pain as your normal way of being.

This is something I have been wanting Kirsty Welsh to offer the Karmony community for a while. It has not taken much to bring her round as this is her specialty and I know she loves this area.

Kirsty specialises in body awareness on an energetic level and corrective exercise, is extremely passionate about teaching others how to reconnect with, feel and recognise their core and the tiny shifts that make a huge difference.
I will be involved with this process as well to marry up the assessment, prescriptive outcome and ongoing individual development into the ‘normal’ Karmony group offerings – your coaching just received an upgrade.


What is on offer

2 sessions only available each week for corrective exercise

Complete Individual assessment

Corrective exercises, stretches, breathing and more.
Time to get to know your body and enhance it’s abilities to whole new level of ease, performance and quality of life.


WHEN: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10.30-11.15am

COST: $70

BOOK: See myself, Kirsty or send me an email bryan@karmony.com.au

author: Bryan Beinke


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