Bryan Beinke


I love coaching  people to become better versions of themselves (and becoming a better version of myself in the process)

Describe your training style?

It really depends on the person and their goals, as well as their stage of the journey.

If I had to summarise, it would be “Functional for Performance” and treating the person as a complete being. Whilst I definitely appreciate the human body in an aesthetic form….I appreciate it a whole lot more seeing it in action…..whether it’s dancing, playing sport, playing music, gardening, hiking or other pursuits….I love being able to move my body and perform well in my chosen areas and love helping others do the same.

Every single person has a unique body, mind and spirit and whilst certain parameters are the same… we develop those individually and at what time is completely different. My goal is to provide a high level foundation/base level of overall health and fitness for all and then from there “push” things further on an individual preference/level.

I approach workouts as a training ground for life. As such I believe we need ongoing and regular work on all the foundational basics continually building more and more strength in all the key movements (to provide a stronger and stronger flooring and support)…we also need regular challenges ranging from mild to extremely challenging to allow for complete and ongoing growth as individuals.

People are amazing.

Your attitude and beliefs are everything….choose them wisely.

Greatest Industry Achievements

Creating and Building Karmony & The Nth Degree

Relationships with All Members & Athletes

AFL Football with Adelaide Crows & North Kangaroos

3 Times SANFL Premierships, Best & Fairest & 100 Games with Port Magpies

7 Year Senior, Reserves and Assistant Coach Football (South Warrnambool, Norwood, Port Magpies)

Inaugural Director of Sport (Football) St. Peter’s College