Clo Mudrik
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Clo Mudrik

Personal trainer & Nutritionist
Integration of Fitness and Whole Food based Nutrition0%
Diverse Individual and Group Populations0%

Clo Mudrik has a Bachelor Degree in Human Movement (NZ and SA Recognized), is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer. Her education and personal experiences have equipped her with extensive knowledge that she draws on to work with clients to assist them to make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results. After being diagnosed with Diabetes type 1 and celiac, Clo started studying and understanding how food and exercise could be utilised to manage her health.


The more she studied health, food, nutrition (wholefoods nutrition) and exercise, the more passionate she became about sharing with others the power of holistic health and the power that “real food” has in nourishing and healing our bodies, minds and spirits.


Clo specialises in integrating fitness and whole food based nutrition while creating a proactive approach to health and wellness. Clo has experience coaching diverse individual and group populations in community, corporate, and private settings to include seniors, youth, athletes, and weekend warriors. Clo’s passion for health and wellness education spills into her clientele eliciting health benefits beyond initial weight loss goals such as building self-confidence, increasing strength, achieving positive body image, decreasing pain, managing blood pressure and cholesterol, and reducing or eliminating medication, while reaching health and fitness goals.




• Bachelor Degree in Physical Human Movement from the University of São Paulo, Brazil
• Diploma Licentiate in Teaching from the University of São Paulo, Brazil
• Certificate in Physical Therapy from the Brazilian School of Eutony of Gerda Alexander São Paulo, Brazil
• Certificate in Nutrition from Health Academy Australia
• Certificate III and IV in Fitness Onfit College Australia
• Accredited BEAT IT Program from Diabetes NSW
• Certificate IV in Training and Assessment CBD College Australia.
• Certificate Functional Movement Screening (FMS) Level 1 and 2.
• Certificate 1 and 2 Wellness Coaching (Wellness Coaching Australia).
• Certified Stretch Therapy.
• Blackroll Fascia Release Certified Trainer.
• Pilates Matwork Instructor
• Work Safely in Heights RIIWHS204D
• Strength for Life 50+ Program
• 300h Yoga Vinyasa Flow Teacher


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Individual Coach