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Welcome to Karmony – an empowering community and way to approach life.

People who succeed do 2 key things;

Make a STRONG commitment (to themselves).

Follow through on this commitment, consistently.

We want to help you get the most out of your membership and all that is available to you within Karmony – not just the physical sessions themselves, but all the awesome benefits that come when you join The Karmony Tribe and way of life.

Our goal is for you to live your life to the fullest, to optimize and freely share your talents with the world, and to bring a positively empowered community together to enhance our collective worlds and the greater beyond.

Karmony Sessions

Book your sessions in on Sundays for the following week – make a commitment with yourself. Schedule out the week and prioritise your sessions as appointments for yourself.

If you are looking to drop weight and/or build greater levels of fitness and performance; develop intensity and increase physical output week to week, step by step, not all at once. Be respectful of where you are starting. No matter your drives and particular intentions and goals, sustainability is absolutely key. 

If you are someone who finds the concept of BALANCE challenging, and tend to dive head first into new goals – we recommend you take a look at our experience and beliefs on the ‘all-or-nothing’ approach below, and how we prefer to re-strategise internal focus to ensure your personal success.

Your Movement Strategy

WE LOVE to get to know YOU personally – the more we understand you, the better we can help you. Please make sure you have spoken to Bryan and/or Kirsty about your personal movement gameplan; we have a great variety of sessions on offer at Karmony, 7 days a week, and would love to advise and/or ‘prescribe’ what we believe to be the optimal blend of movement and intensity for your current needs and wants.

Recovery & Hydration

More is not better. High quality is better. 

The benefits of movement occur in our bodies after the movement…..when the body is adapting and repairing. In other words, give your body adequate time and building blocks (nutrition/hydration) to allow this to happen. Working out too often at high intensity is not a good thing and can send your results and your health back the other way.

Your body rebuilding itself is so important to your health, performance, energy and longevity – we cannot stress this enough! Here are the basics (and in basics we mean THE MOST IMPORTANT STEPS), which we often neglect, but will make a tremendous and immediate difference to your life;

  • Sleep * consistently 7-8 hours. Help yourself by turning screens off 30 minutes before bed, dimming the lights in your bedroom and having a consistent sleep and wake time for yourself.
  • Water * 500ml-1L spring water upon waking – make sure you have consumed 1L of water within the first 2 hours of being awake. We like up to 3L a day, particularly on workout days where an extra 1L of water is needed per hour of working out/sweating.

Mindset/Behavioural Change

We love working on our internal selves at Karmony, as well as our external – to us, it’s the same thing. You will see lots of social media posts and discussion, as well as programs and workshops aimed at providing opportunity for constant growth.

Social Media – Our Online Community

We love staying connected and inspired daily with you outside of the Karmony walls. Please like us online to be part of it all:

Facebook: TheKarmonyTribe

Instagram: @karmonyfitness


We love to run our highly successful 4-6 week body-fat loss program seasonally, focused on cleaning up our food, our choices, and our mindset, as well as further education on nutrition. There is a fantastic element of group sharing, recipe ideas, Q&A and contribution within our programs, which can also be tailored for our members who wish to take part in the community health focus, but do not want or need to lose body fat. A great way to reset and take charge of our minds and bodies together. 


Events – keep an eye out for social events run throughout the year; a great opportunity to mix with the Tribe outside of active wear.


You can look forward to a great variety of fun and educational workshops at Karmony throughout the year.

Karmony Performance & Wellbeing App

Our app is free to download via the app store, and this is where you can create your own login and account and book your sessions in each week. You can also see our timetable with any and all changes as they happen, including public holiday classes.

Apple Iphone Users

Google/Samsung/Android Users

Operations/Membership/Account Enquiries

Please direct any questions regarding your membership to Kirsty via email:

The ‘All-Or-Nothing’ Approach

This never works.

If this has been your strategy in the past, the focus for you is firstly and most importantly; acceptance of lifestyle change

The all-or-nothing is a quick flip to a whole new strategy of behavioural changes, all in one go – ‘cold-turkey’ – expecting yourself to be a totally different person tomorrow and to be able to sustain it.

With all of the normal tasks and responsibilities of life to navigate concurrently, it is no wonder that most people who go at a goal with this approach find themselves losing the drive and motivation, fatigued and rundown, or boycotting the new adventure entirely and reverting back to old habits. The all-or-nothing is a quick fix approach, and an expectation of moving from student to master, without respecting the necessary understandings and processes that actually get you there (and keep you there). 

If you are someone that absolutely must do something every day or know that you fall into this category, make sure you alternate your heavy/high intensity sessions with easier/low intensity sessions such as walking, yoga, pilates, barre, etc.

We whole-heartedly believe in longevity and a long-term approach; one that moves you efficiently and effectively toward how you want to feel daily, building the necessary behaviours and habits into your lifestyle. 

Be prepared for your goals to take time – lifestyle change is the ultimate goal – living a life that shapes you into the person you want to be and how you want to feel and perform in life.

We are here to uplift and support you every day with strategy, tribe, expertise and loads of fun and comradery along the way… 

Welcome to our Tribe 💙💙💙