Jasmine Petre
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Jasmine Petre

Jasmine Petre

Coach, Yoga/Meditation

I initially took up yoga seeking a ‘hot yoga body’… worrying what people thought of me, pursuing goals for unfulfilling reasons and consistently falling short… I soon realised yoga wasn’t just a series of physical poses and stretches.


My curiosity to understand myself on a deeper level pushed me to complete my 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Thailand, in 2017. Here, I was opened to seeing patterns of self-created limitations and learnt the power of yoga and meditation in understanding and transforming these core beliefs. This sparked my desire to continue learning, growing and to share my love and passion for yoga in a space where people feel comfortable to become their authentic self.


With a love of health and wellbeing, I completed a Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science in 2010. It has served me to fuel my body with nutritious and delicious meals that I balance with a good wine and cheese board on the weekend. Not a day passes that I don’t have music on, I’m a bit quirky, laugh with and at myself often and I am not your typical instagram yoga teacher. Don’t get me wrong I love a salt lamp or two but I currently can’t do the splits and I’m a bit of a dag that fits well into everyday life.


I am lucky enough to work a 9-5 where I coach and mentor people every day. When people ask me what I do, I take pride in saying I am a leader. I have worked in leadership roles in Government for 8 years but my natural leadership ability journey began at the age of 13 where I was developed into a a store manager role in a fast food chain.


I take my experiences from the mat to help build a meaningful, heart-centred hustle in the corporate world, lead with vision and purpose and create calm in chaos. I love my 9-5 as not only am I able to positively influence the people I work with but I have the ability to spread the same values and positive impacts on policy and delivery of Government services for all Australians.


My intention as a yoga teacher is in guiding you to understand and calm your mind, achieve what you didn’t think was possible, with lasting results well and truly beyond the mat and into your everyday life.


My teaching style will always incorporate an element of flow, challenge, warm down, breath and mindfulness, a bit of fun and great music. It is my privilege to teach you.


If you are interested in working with Jasmine, please fill in the form below.

Individual Coach