Josh Netschitowsky
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Josh Netschitowsky

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My name is Josh, and I am on a journey.


I have always been passionate about sport, health and fitness – I have never been able to live without it. Whether it’s playing or coaching footy, running, swimming, HIIT, strength work, wakeboarding, waterskiing, surfing…… in fact, give me a reason to move my body, and I’m pretty much up for it.


Oh, and I LOVE the water…. I swim at the beach every day of the year (yes, that’s true), and get to the river whenever possible.


Despite that passion, I have worked in an alternate industry for many years. I settled for what I got, rather than what I could work hard to get, and as a result, always felt something in my life was missing – it was right in front of me all along…To HELP OTHERS strive for the best version of self, and constantly work towards it.


The vehicle I needed was a business – no – a community that fosters this…. enter Karmony.


Health and Fitness, for me, is all about balance – The mind and body are a team.


I love working hard, I love the intensity and pushing to the limit, but I also know we need to slow down, to breathe deeply and be grateful for all the positive elements that a healthy life can deliver (all too well – trust me, I have learnt the hard way!).


I am a qualified fitness instructor, and have coached teams of kids, teenagers and adults for many years. My strength is building connections, finding what motivates, and harnessing that for successful outcomes, for both individuals and teams.


That’s my role in your journey – to connect with you, to find your motivation, to keep you accountable and take it as far as it can go, and then beyond.


P.S Fun is also completely mandatory in the process!


If you are interested in working with Josh, please fill in the form below.

Individual Coach