Karmony for Kids


Structured fitness for kids from 6-14 from pure fun to more advanced levels of fitness, movement & overall health, enjoyment always being the centrepiece.
“You be guaranteed that I will be approaching these sessions as if they were for my own kids…..because they are 🙂 My kids love these sessions and very much look forward to them every week” – Bryan





10-14 Year olds “Performance Training”

Comprehensively structured program covering aspects of ….

Plyometric, Strength, Speed/Agility, Conditioning, Balance/Core & Reaction Training


5-9 year olds  & 10-14 year olds “Fun & Movement”

Primarily focused around game play, the love and fun of movement whilst incorporating more structured elements of those outlined above in “Performance Training” above




10-14 Year olds “Performance Training” Monday 4:00pm for 45 minutes

5-9 year olds “Fun & Movement”  Monday 4:00pm for 45 minutes

10-14 year olds “Fun & Movement Wednesdays 4:00pm for 45 minutes




Monday Week 1 of Term for 10-14 (week 2 of school term to allow for re-acclimatisation for all).




10 weeks for 10-14 year olds “Performance Training”

8 weeks for all other sessions 10-14 year olds “Fun & Movement”, 5-9 year olds “Fun & Movement”
$20 for 1 session per week ($160-200 for term)
If 2 siblings, it is $15 per child peer session
How to book in:
For more information email Bryan Beinke (bryan@karmony.com.au) or call on 0422 427 126
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Experience and observation screams at me loud and clear….instructions and telling children what to do has somewhat of an effect..but not much. Leading by example and having your children witness your actions is POWERFUL beyond measure. If you can, this may be one of the greatest gifts you pass on to your children.


Active children are resilient, confident, calm, focused and esteemed…..let’s start a revolution.