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Karmony goes Global…….WTF?

Karmony goes Global…….WTF?
Allow me to indulge and share some pretty cool news about Karmony and what we are inspiring on a worldwide stage.
A good friend of mine who now works for Adidas in Germany contacted me a while back to let me know how our merry bunch of Karmony Tribers have sparked inspiration in one of the biggest sports brands in the world.
Anyway this is from him……
Do you remember this post of yours?:



Winter is definitely the time when the gap widens….the strong get stronger, the successful get more successful, committed individuals get in better shape…..it’s the time the breakaway pack makes its move…where will you be? Identify the steps/tasks/habits that need to happen regularly and make them happen…non-negotiables.


Well, at that time we were going through a strategic discussion about how we needed to inject a harder sport performance edge into our winter campaign for 2014/15. It was perfect timing, and started the ball rolling with an insight and approach that confirmed exactly what we needed to do….harden the fuck up!

I remember you also pondering the point on your FB page as to why you write motivational and inspirational posts….well, here’s one reason you should keep doing it!!

We are launching a new winter sport film on November 1 in partnership with RedBull on redbulltv.com and across selected global media and retail outlets in the Northern Hemisphere. Whilst I cannot take the credit for the film, (that was done by my good friend and colleague, Roland Symons), you helped to spark inspiration in our approach and your post was used in many of our strategy decks to get buy-in across the organization. Quite simply, we needed to push the limits with our approach and messaging in winter….you reminded us of that with this post, so thank you!

Take a look here:



Please keep the film to yourself for now, of course you can show your crew and tell the story, and get ready for Nov 1st when we go live around the world. 

Just wanted you to know that we take inspiration from what you are doing, and thought you’d be proud to know that Karmony is making waves all over the world! Keep doing what you are doing!

author: Bryan Beinke


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