Karmony is proud to be a local South Australian business, dreamt up and created by Bryan Beinke.

With a variety of influences, including growing up in Port Augusta, contrasted with attending high school at an elite Adelaide boys college, and playing in the AFL, he always saw things a little differently.

Seeking what was lacking in traditional gyms and possessing an insatiable desire to motivate and inspire, create and connect; from the ground up, he built the culture he sought in enjoying the power of movement, growth and tribal connection.

This began with outdoor training in 2004, bringing us to the huge and impressive 1000m2 facility in Norwood.


As the name ‘Karmony’ suggests; 

Karma – taking self-responsibility for our choices, actions and ultimately for the lives we create; 

Harmony – the flowing and blending of all parts living in a unified and ideal existence within self; 

Bryan always held space for the welcoming of yoga and other slower paced movement modalities into Karmony and welcomed his partner, Kirsty, to bring this aspect of the business to life in 2015.

Kirsty created what is now the Karmony Studio when she couldn’t find a Yoga studio in Adelaide she connected with. They were missing a depth she craved, either ‘too physical’ or ‘too spiritual’ – both missing something truly important.

As you can see – all aspects of Karmony have been built on the major value of Connection.

That is what we offer to you. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Come and feel the difference for yourself.