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I have an absolute passion for movement, which began as a 2.5 year old when I began gate-crashing my big sister’s calisthenics classes, later competing at nationals and dreaming of being a calisthenics teacher when I grew up. It all began with a love for movement and developed into wellbeing and the human psyche and how they link and unify. And as it turns out I am teaching it, just like I wanted to.

After kicking off Uni life as a musician and finishing off with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Health & Human Movement, I fell in love with a career in Personal Training from 2007, feeling drawn to the idea of being part of the ‘prevention’ rather than just the ‘cure’ moving toward better collective health. My career kicked off at Fitness First in Payneham and I absolutely loved it, also taking on the role of part-time personal training manager in the city Fitness First.

I moved to Sydney in 2010 to work on a weight-loss show, BIG:Extreme Makeover for Ch9 and continued personal training at Bondi Platinum Fitness First. Article writing for magazines became a regular thing, working with Body+Soul as their in-house PT, training Mel B whenever she was in Sydney and X-Factor contestants, working with HealthyMeTV, giving wellbeing talks in high schools throughout Sydney (body image being my favourite topic to share), the odd health expert appearance on The Morning Show and Today Show, and as well as the shiny stuff, loving the privilege of working with a wonderful client base each week who became my family.

I was also very addicted to intense exercise and did not respect my energy, nor my, or my body’s needs over a long period of time, forcing me to learn to ‘smell the roses’ via chronic fatigue, shoulder and hip injuries and ensuring I changed my values and approach to life. These changing health needs also brought me to regular yoga practise, becoming a qualified teacher, as well as Reiki Master, and returning home to Adelaide and grounding in 2015.

Here, I immediately met Bryan and Karmony, and knew I had found something special. We synergised with our philosophies and he opened his business up to me, welcoming me to create Conscious Movement yoga studio within the Karmony walls. We later unified our services; the Karmony you now know.



I love movement for self-awareness, connection, expression and growth. I believe that how we move and hold ourselves physically says so much about who we are as a being, regardless of the particular aspect (strength, power, stability, balance, endurance, mobility, posturally, how hard we will push ourselves, can we breathe and be still and feel the space, the balance and fluidity within our movement and breath….).

That’s the mind-body/’spiritual’ part I get passionate and nerdy over; it gives us total power to change how we are held together in every sense of the meaning and grow into who we want to be. I believe it also gives purpose to everything we do, purpose that’s beyond but not devoid of ‘toning our arms’. That’s the micro component; the macro is when the foundations are set and we have the internal awareness.

This part is FUN… where we can really enjoy movement and our bodies, and carry this into all parts of life.


Personal Training, Yoga, Mindful Movement & Meditation.

Mind/Body connection. I know this sounds super ‘fluffy’ – it’s not.

Wellbeing. I understand how it is and feels like to under-eat, over-eat, be overweight, be underweight, over-train, be sedentary for fatigue and injury… essentially addiction, and how to change our relationship with anything in over or under expression, with food, movement, ultimately bringing conflicting parts of ourselves toward our centre to create a unity and synergy of self.

Stability. Being naturally hypermobile (and a perfectionist…ugh), I’ve always tended to take on and try to master more than I could stabilise and support, in life and in the gym, and it got me in a lot of physical & emotional trouble! Through unlearning and (constant) re-learning within myself what stability and support looks and feels like, it has naturally become my specialty when working with others.

I also really love handstands, being creative with movement and dancing, lifting heavy stuff, punching things, challenging my physical limits, being outdoors, deep conversations, reading, writing, travelling, music and Hoegarden beer.


Tough love with fun and respect to personal space and timing is how I work. We will have a great time, and you will most likely end up actually enjoying the process and growing in love for exercise, wellbeing, yourself and life.

Yoga classes are non-traditional, challenging, each class with a deep intention and the aim to create not only the essence above (philosophy), but also a space for experiencing a ‘flow state’. The power of music is a huge part of the experience.

Looking forward to connecting with you 😊