I live and breathe movement, self-awareness and wellbeing. It all started as a toddler in calisthenics, developing into sport-aerobics and a keen interest in health, followed by a Bachelor of Human Movement and career in Personal Training from 2007.


Sydney became my home in 2010 to work on a Ch9 weight loss show, BIG:Extreme Makeover. Although it did not run beyond the pilot, I continued to work within media, writing articles for popular health/fitness magazines, personal trainer for Body+Soul, training Mel B whenever she was in Sydney, training X-Factor contestants, working with HealthyMeTV, giving wellbeing talks in high schools throughout Sydney, the odd health expert appearance on The Morning Show and Today Show, and as well as the shiny stuff, loving the privilege of working with a wonderful client base each week who became my family.


During this time, I was also addicted to high intensity exercise and life was completely fueled by adrenaline. Don’t we all know this feeling to some degree. There was no way I had time or space to even invite the concept of moving or thinking slowly into my life – I loved movement but abused it too; it was for burning calories and becoming more powerful; the line between self-expression and body-image was very blurred. 


Chronic fatigue, hip and shoulder injuries ensured I eventually slowed down, started listening to myself, my body and my honest needs, gradually understanding there is so much more to life than proving our worth.


Moving home to Adelaide in 2015, I met Bryan and Karmony, and knew I had found something special. We synergised with our philosophies and he welcomed me to create Conscious Movement Yoga Studio within the Karmony walls. We later unified our offerings; the Karmony you now know.


Teaching Yoga is a particular love of mine, it’s almost indescribable for me to explain what happens. I don’t teach by the books, I teach what I feel, and I teach others how to feel.


Most Yoga to me is disconnected, it is either physical, or it is philosophy. Not many can unify everything in a way that connects the language of the body and of energy, and in a down-to-earth way that others truly understand and feel. Through teaching, my intent is that each session offers a potentially transformative experience, where others may build on a beautiful depth of understanding and strength in their relationship with themselves.