Kylie Pinnuck
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Kylie Pinnuck

Kylie Pinnuck

Injury Prevention/Corrective Movement Specialist0%
Rehab Master Trainer - Post and Pre Surgery0%
Athletic Performance & Conditioning Coach0%

With 6 years in the industry delivering both group classes and individualised personal training sessions, I have an absolute LOVE affair with quality of movement, movement restoration, functional body movement, and pre and post injury/surgery rehabilitation.


As a coach my focus is to pass on my knowledge and personal experiences to help you experience the positive impact this type of training has in your day to day life. Having suffered some serious injuries myself through incorrect body movements and loading I am passionate about helping you achieve free, safe purpose driven movements with my specialised, high quality and caring approach.


To deliver the best outcomes I enjoy keeping up with the latest research in movement restoration, functional body movements and pre and post injury/surgery rehabilitation through regular professional development.

That old saying ”LESS is MORE “ rings true for me every time, so it’s all about showing you how to train smarter while gaining optimum performance, enhancing your free movement, whilst promoting longevity within your day to day life.


I have been lucky enough to have experienced some great mentors along the way inspiring my commitment to bring all my knowledge, skills and experience together into one tailored program to give you ultimate performance and satisfaction during our sessions.


If you are interested in working with Kylie, please fill in the form below.

Individual Coach