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My Lessons from Bali…..space and solitude.



As many of you are aware….towards the end of last year (2015) I took a much needed and desired break from Karmony and ‘every day’ life as I knew it.

To paint a quick background picture…..My family and Karmony had been my life for the past 10 years. I had not had a break apart from the odd public holiday for 10 years….let alone a holiday.
Aaarrgghhh….not recommended.
Having said that I am totally blessed to be doing what I do….I love it so much and it allows so much fulfillment and personal satisfaction….the appreciation of that will never be lost….and 10 years without a holiday to me is a very small price to pay for that and one I took on board when I created Karmony and the way I approach the business.

With significant personal upheaval in 2014 and  2015 and finally getting Karmony into a place that allowed it….. thanks to the fantastic support I am now fortunate to have around me (especially Anna M and Emma M…always & forever grateful)…..the little pipe dream of a getaway was actually going to become a reality.
I have always been a bit of a loner….generally enjoying my own company….I find it impossible to be bored, always finding something that fascinates me, something to observe, to learn, to experience…..as such the holiday needed to be by myself. Additionally I really felt I needed space, peace, a bit of silence and introspection and most of all time freedom….I am sure you can relate.

Many people asked me prior to going away….”what have you got planned?” Or “what are you most looking forward to doing?”….. My answer was easy…”going to bed at night and getting up in the morning without any agenda and just see what the day brings……”….. To me that is bliss.

I only had 2 key things I really wanted to do on my trip to Bali…..but you do not really need to know about them…haha.

Without going into every detail of my trip….I most definitely achieved my goals, found space…..did loads of just wandering around…love a good wander….and generally just allowed myself to be. Oh, and ate some pretty damn nice meals as well.


Ok, there is the back drop….thanks for allowing me to indulge…. hope you did not become too bored with that….here’s the juicy stuff….the lessons….gotta love the lessons.

  1. Connection and Community is worth so so much…..next to good food and health is connection and community….probably on a par. I loved witnessing and moreso feeling this in my time in Bali. I know many of you can relate…the happiness you see and experience amongst many of the locals in Bali…and those in similar…generally ‘underdeveloped’ countries….is pure and strong….nothing like what we have….that lesson was/is so strong for me. Getting back to a café or hotel and seeing the community and connection of everyone at Karmony…even if only on social media made me so happy and proud….yes, even emotional. If you have been to or are planning on heading to Bali or a similar location..do yourself a favour and get out of the tourist hotspots…..that’s where the beauty is….and I do not mean the natural beauty….I mean the people and the community and the connection.
  2. The effort to SIMPLIFY is worth it. Absurdly enough for us we seem to find it hard to simplify our lives…forever adding things to the clutter, making them busier and more complex….all at the end of the day creating higher levels of anxiety, stress and financial pressure…. it is absurd and we know it. The effort to SIMPLIFY is worth it…..and it becomes exponentially easier the more we do it. Yes, we do become happier with less….try it….I know I am….and have…and it feels great. Screw the Jones…who gives a sh*t about those try-hards anyway.


  1. Slow down and pay attention to DETAIL. Nothing new but Bali was such a beautiful reminder to me….working slower generally leads to much higher quality output and often gets the job done quicker ironically as we tend to think clearer and prioritize better. Additionally all the beauty is contained within the detail as well…you know it.
  2. Be exactly where you are and be present. Absorb your surroundings, feel the energy and be WITH the environment. I don’t care what you call me….give yourself permission to at least open up to the possibility of this and life gets exponentially better…..(word of the day = exponential)
  3. Good food is AWESOME.
  4. Clarity of mind and thought allows for CONNECTION…..the clearer you can get your mind and thoughts the deeper the level of connection you can experience…..with each other, with your loved ones, with strangers, with the planet, with energy, with food, with water….with everything.



In summary, my overall lesson from Bali was this…..this was the take home task….

To remove all “unnecessary” business and aspects of life…..to allow space for pure PLAY (remember that!) PLAY – you know that thing we love seeing our kids do and then we slowly but surely rip it out of their lives….

To allow space to become bored…..as within boredom lies the seeds of creativity….and to me creativity is life. I feel we were born to create and we need to create to bring fulfilment to our lives…or that might just be me. The first part of creating is space.

  1. A) Within boredom lies creativity
  2. B) Within nervousness lies excitement
  3. C) Within anxiety lies growth

I now know that when I experience any of these 3 things (sometimes all of them) that the true AWESOMENESS is just around the corner…and I am on the right track.

The sad thing is that many of us (me included) quite often run away from all of them

author: Bryan Beinke


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