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New Class – “Functional Fit”

A reminder…..
Introducing “Functional Fit”

Nothing gets me more excited than a new class at Karmony….ok, that’s a lie. Prince and Purple Rain that still gets me more excited…..’Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to get through this thing called life’…..

Introducing “Functional Fit”

What is it?

Here’s the basic structure of what these sessions will involve….

1. Dynamic warm up nn the running track
2. Plyos/Power
3. Core lifts: Deadlifts,squats etc
4. SupplementaryLifts: Posture, glutes etc
5. Fun/Pairs/Challenge

When will it be on?

Initially Monday 6:30pm but I see this being Monday 5:30pm as well with demand…..so if you want it, support it….if you want it at 5:30pm (or other times) please let me know.

Who will coach it?

As you have read the rest of this newsletter/email you already know this. Scott Bassett will be in charge of this session. See above for photos and more info. If you are after some more intensive coaching this will be the session for you.


Scott Bassett (1)

When does it start?

Monday week – 21st March 2016

Book in on the web or on the Karmony Health & Fitness App.

author: Bryan Beinke


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