Our Back Story

Why Karmony?

Karmony exists to provide a place to become the most amazing person you can be – physically, mentally and spiritually. It is a place of strength, positivity, support, motivation, inspiration and beyond.
With the craziness of this modern world that we find ourselves…..Karmony is open to provide an escape and a separation from day to day activites.
When you step foot inside the doors…..it is your time, it is all about you and your fellow team members. It is your time to….

To become the best version of you
Remove the mask
Be yourself
Build strength
Create phenomenal vitality and vibrancy
Be amazing.

Karmony is a centre of Excellence……..enabling excellence in Performance, Achievement and Transformation.

Let me assure you, even though the name has a ‘calming feel’……Karmony is a place that takes, pushes, prods and shoves you to where you need to go. Whether you’re aiming to get back to pre-pregnancy shape or looking to compete on the stage we will commit and work passionately to the level you require.

My Story......My Vision......

Let me introduce myself. My name is Bryan Beinke. I am your coach, guide, mentor and friend as a team member at Karmony..
I was born and spent my formative years (until 15) in Port Augusta, South Australia. A tough, lower socio-economic (at the time) mid-size regional town 300km north of Adelaide. Port Augusta was a fantastic place to grow up…..a town filled with amazing people that looked out for each other. People that called a spade a spade, did not tolerate falseness, hype, ego or other modern day diseases. You became a solid, tough, decent individual in Port Augusta or you were soon outcast.


At 15 I was thrown across the invisible line into a different world…..well socio-economically anyway. I then spent the last 2 years of my schooling at an elite private school in Adelaide. The differences between these two environments provided me with an amazing education that can not be duplicated in any class room.

Upon completion of my secondary schooling I chose to continue my studies (as many of us tend to do these days) completing a Commerce Degree at the University of Adelaide. This was the start of a search for my passion……something I struggled with early on dues to not being honest with myself and struggling to listen to myself for all the “outside noise”. This continued with a couple of jobs, a diploma of financial planning, an advanced diploma in IT….where was I going.

My parallel life involved my sport. Always an active kid that loved sport I pursued a career in football (Australian Rules, to be precise). The dichotomy mentioned above continued here. As a passionately committed Port Adelaide Magpies (SANFL) member I was thrust into the AFL with the Adelaide Crows…for those not in the know, let’s just say there is no love lost between the Magpies and the Crows.

Bryan Beinke of the Crows lines up a kick during the 2000 round 6 AFL match between the Adelaide Crows and the Hawthorn Hawks at Football Park.

Whilst having some reasonable success with the Magpies, my time in the AFL were some of the most frustrating (but self-developing) years of my life. I spent a lot of time in and out of the main team……with a repeating pattern of getting fit, getting selected, hitting form, getting injured…..and repeat…on and on. A period that has taught me huge amounts about not only resilience, persistance, fitness, rehabilitation but also the underpinnings of the mind, being true to one self and belief systems. Stay tuned for some interesting blog entries to come……

I finally reached a point where I realised…yes it took me a while…..that life was not about finding yourself as I had previously led to believe……it was bout BEING YOURSELF. It was time to begin truly listening to one’s desires and stand up and take responsibility for the direction of my life. It was time to start creating and not being led or just going with the flow of the river.

Enter KARMONY. Karmony has become my natural evolution…and hopefully it will become yours as well.

Some people are addicted to alcohol, some to gossip mages, others to TV, drugs and cigarettes. I am addicted to learning……I am obsessively passionate about learning…about questioning things (especially beliefs) and finding ‘my truth’. I also love to share this with whoever wants to listen or maybe looking for some answers. I am far from naive enough to suggest I have all your answers…or any of them for that matter….but together we may just find a few.


I absolutely love sharing, supporting, guiding and coaching others to a position of self-empowerment, self-belief and self-confidence.


My underlying vision and theme for Karmony is to create a team or a tribe. A group of committed, passionate, positive and concious individuals coming together to support each other and to achieve a result much greater than could be done alone.

I love the environment created by a team that motivates when required, inspires each member to always be great, and picks each other up when we fall…..and having a hell of a time along the way.

Karmony is a team.

I loathe the idea of dogma…the idea of a perfect lifestyle……the perfect belief system, the perfect diet, the perfect workout. I believe different things suit different people (at different times). There is no one size fits all, and we should evolve and roll with the punches.

This includes everything from paelo diets to veganism. Raw foodies to high protein junkies. Ashtanga yoga to Crossfit. MMA to Qi Gong.

Whilst I believe there is a place for everything…..strict adherence and ‘blinkering’ to dogmatism is blind and somewhat egotistic (in ‘my belief’ I emphasise).
I love (and encourage others) to ‘bend’ and ‘stretch’ the rules……to find their way.
My vision is to see you expanding and growing consciously and in awareness…..and to get leaner, stronger, healthier and more vibrant as you do so.