Health & Fitness is way more important to us than purely how you look in a pair of jeans.

It means so much more than that.

That’s one reason why, a few years ago, we changed our name to Karmony Performance & Wellbeing (old news now but, still worthy of a mention).

For us, how we PERFORM IN LIFE and HOW WE FEEL are two of the most important aspects of our lives, permeating into every other facet of our existence.

Jeans are great, but the quality of the moments we’re having while wearing those jeans is so much better.

Don’t trade (holistic) health for body image.

That’s the culture normalised by most gyms – filled with body building, mirrors and fitness w@nkers – but not ours.

There’s no need for it – we’ve just grown up in a society that prioritises restriction, diets, proving ourselves, and trading it all at the expense of listening to our body.

We’ve forgotten how great it feels to HAVE IT ALL – choosing to value how we experience OURSELVES, as opposed to how we think others are experiencing us.

When we are in great holistic health, we perform great, we feel great – and we look great; the complete package. Our body changes beautifully as we respect it and choose holistic health over sculpted perfection and WODS.

And, worrying less about what used to fill our minds, we can be present to fully appreciate and enjoy the small and large moments.

That’s how we live our lives at Karmony.

A place you can leave your responsibilities at the door and be yourself.

A space you feel welcome and at home in.

A place to move how you feel and choose; physically challenging yourself in the Karmony Gym, slowing down and flowing in the Karmony Studio.

A space with like-minded free thinkers.

A place with a second-to-none, experienced and connected Coaching Team who has your back.

A space to support your growth, results and SUCCESS, wherever you are in your health, performance and wellbeing journey.

You will find a pathway for whatever it is you want to feel and achieve.

We’d love to welcome you into our Tribe.