Karmony is Adelaide’s best holistic gym for over 30’s.
After years of working with real people who want to continually enjoy good health, strong & fit bodies, healthy, calm & confident minds, and be accountable to consistency and a well lifestyle;
we have developed a balanced range of both in-house and online modalities to make it easy and fun for you to do just that – amongst an awesome and supportive community – (almost) mirror free.
Enjoy our private, boutique and spacious gym, our separate light and leafy studio for yoga & pilates, and benefit from the expertise of our coaches with 10+ years experience…
It’s safe to say, you will be well looked after.
“If it’s weight loss, body fat loss, or just finding a place where you are supported all the way then check out the team at Karmony. I did and there is no looking back Cannot recommend Karmony highly enough.” – Lauren
We are committed to providing the very best progressive services, education and experience for you, a complete and comprehensive system, that allows you to trust us with your health, fitness and well-being for life. (Though most people also stay with us for the community, great vibes and mostly decent tunes 😂)
We believe in a long-term, well rounded approach to health, fitness and wellness, focusing on the key foundations of
Posture (Body Awareness),
Movement Patterns(Full Mobility, Ease & Efficiency) and
We believe if one can become efficient, strong, powerful in these 5 areas and consistently seek to perform in them at a high level, one can and will dramatically improve all aspects of their life, and in the process obtain a kick-arse body and positive attitude draped in resilience.
Whilst we love pushing things to the absolute limit and testing out our physical, mental (and spiritual) resolve (and do we love and appreciate the high that can bring us…) we have learnt that a balanced, well thought out, intelligently planned approach is without a doubt the best way forward with optimising long-term health, fitness, wellness and longevity.
Karmony sessions are expertly designed in-house by our team of coaches with a real person in mind; someone who wants to feel fantastic, look great, feel increasing self-confidence and resilience, and allow movement and nutrition to ENHANCE their life, not BE their life.
We are a tribe of life junkies; not obsessed with counting macros and getting gains. No mirrors, no selfies. We love it. Our members love it.
Our team is the best in SA.
Just ask our members.
Each coach at Karmony has a particular niche and wonderful ability to translate a wealth of unique field experience and knowledge to our members in a down-to-earth way.
We each have a strong drive to keep learning and sharing, creating something truly fantastic together for our members.
Our community are wonderfully welcoming, inclusive, and pull each new member along for the ride;
We support each other the whole way.
Health, fitness and mindset coaching, designed to take you to the next level and achieve outstanding results in a quick time frame – take a big step forward with us today.