There are two bridges in front of you. You have no choice but to cross one of them.

In the water below are hungry creatures, some friendly, some dangerous; one creature to represent heart problems, another shows up to consume your confidence, another creature represents pride, another for family, there is one concerned with time, another for stress… there are too many to count, and each one counts acutely.

The first bridge is rickety and weathered, and you must cross alone. You can see the battered foot planks, but you cannot see the other side of the bridge, you do not know where it is taking you.

The second bridge shows only a few foot planks at a time, and you notice that each plank is solidly laid by a team of bridge laying experts. They extend their hands to you, they promise to support and guide you across the bridge. Although you may not be able to see the other side, you know they can, and you know you’ll be supported, valued and guided by experts in the process.


What is Phoenix Rising?


A complete, intensive and personal lifestyle, health and wellbeing program; working with our Head Coach, Bryan, our Head Wellbeing Coach, Kirsty, and our Head Nutritionist, Marcia.


We begin with a detailed team consultation with you, developing a carefully ordered strategy to ensure constant progression, personal success and positive changes to how you feel, guaranteed. You will work intensively with the coach you need, when you need it, and you will be kept accountable to ensure that this time, there is no going backward, only forward and upward.


Phoenix Rising is our premium service. You will be working with a connected and expert team, covering a complete and balanced approach, respecting your current life situation and providing your clear and simplified bridge to better health, better life balance, better relationships, better everything.

When it’s time to draw the line in the sand, and reach out to other professionals for help and support, you want to work with the best and you are ready to change your health and your life, Phoenix Rising is the program for you.

Your results are guaranteed.

We have strictly limited positions available.

Phoenix Rising represents rebirth, rebuilding, personal transformation and growth out of the ashes from its predecessor. This is how we see you.