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The Creme De La Creme of what we offer at Karmony. 


For the distinguished gentleman who seeks and deserves the best.


The most complete lifestyle offering covering all your health, fitness, high performance, nutrition and lifestyle optimizing components. If you seek the best lifestyle ever….FOR YOU…..this is your baby.


After establishing the destination, we are now on the first class flight to the ULTIMATE YOU.







🏆 Initial comprehensive fitness, strength, nutrition, medical health, behaviour/habit and mindset assessment.


🏆 From this a thorough long-term strategy is developed and broken down into the required steps to “build the machine”


🏆 Weekly nutrition analysis and coaching by our Karmony Nutritionist with specialities in nutritional medicine, mind-body nutrition and health coaching.


🏆 3 Personal Training sessions tailored to your short and long-term strategy/goals with your personal movement coach.


🏆 Full support, accountability and guidance from your personal coach to keep you on track and focused every step of the way – establishing the behaviours and habits required, fine-tuning and re-adjusting the mindset when needed – contacting you daily when required to keep the train moving in the right direction.


🏆 Full access to our Head Coach and complete team of vastly experienced and specialised coaches – we have everything covered…and for those out of the box ones, access to our vast professional network to provide the absolute best solution for you.


In a nutshell, you have complete access to the best team of health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaches in S.A. all working together to push, prod, pull, guide, drag, inspire, motivate and applaud you to your goals.


“You will never suffer from decision fatigue or confusion when it comes to your health and fitness ever again…..not on our watch”


The TOP SHELF awaits for you…….



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