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Prince & Karmony

 When was a little tacker…..it was Michael Jackson and Prince…..mythical creatures to take me away to fantasy land.

The conversation as humans….even as kids…..turned to who is better Prince or MJ???

I now know the answer…..

They both are…..They both are BETTER!

Prince, the unknown little purple one….born to be an artist….born to be a musician as talented and dedicated as few others…..born to entertain and reach for the stars…..eccentric, crazy talented, passionate, androgynous, aloof and arrogant, confused and beautiful all at the same time.



An icon who showed the world the power of belief, the brilliance of being caught in the moment and the inspiration in expression of one’s self to the whole world.

For me on a personal level…..and I have by no means conquered this or achieved this to where I want it to be…..Karmony is an extension of who I am as a person and whom I want to be…..warts and all.

Being in the moment, fully expressing ourselves as individuals, inspiring and supporting each other, continually striving to be better whilst also bathing in a bit of self pride of what we have already achieved and who we currently are…..

Singing, dancing and working out together in the Purple Rain.

Who is better MJ or Prince?

They both are…..They both are BETTER!!



author: Bryan Beinke


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