Life hey, what’s the point?

Life’s a bit shit sometimes, then it’s good, then it’s shit again. Sound about right? But if you take a step back and give yourself a little time to breathe and eliminate the background noise you realise it’s not all that bad. I firmly believe that the true meaning of life is connection and gaining purpose in the work that we do (4 lines in and I’m talking about the meaning of life).



So enter Karmony, a space that allows a flow of ideas designed to create a better, healthier, more connected community. It’s in communities and connections that we thrive and this community is going to start to get more exciting, rewarding and challenging.


What I do

My background is professional sport but to be honest I wasn’t that professional. I spent 8 years at both Port Power Football club and the Western Bulldogs but insecurities, fear of failure and just overthinking all held me back along with countless injuries. This sounds bleak but I’m building here.

After making every mistake, bad decisions, having a career ending injury and numerous other setbacks I have put the work in myself to be better. How? By understanding the why’s and the how’s and being active in wanting to make change.

Oh yeah…I am experienced in strength training (a key to weight loss and feeling more alive), I’m a stickler for technique, change and progress. Not just on the outside but on the other side too. You won’t see my progress pics on Instagram, the progress I value is in peoples actions everyday. People will change when they are ready to, I’m here to contribute to the implementation and success of this.



For those that care I have a social science degree as well as a masters degree of teaching. Along with Level 2 ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach and Level 2 AFL coach. I am somewhat learned.

I worked with some of the best PT’s In Canada and spent 4 years at Norwood Football Club as Strength and Conditioning Coach which included 3 consecutive premierships.



My other passions are travel (plenty of stories) including 6 months in the south of Spain in 2018 teaching English whilst learning Spanish, experiencing new things, psychology and peoples motivation for doing what they do, live music (may see you at a gig), nature and many other things. Don’t be afraid to say hello (hola).