Coach, Pilates

Pilates saved my life. I know that sounds a bit extreme but it’s my truth.

As a child my life was all about sport. I was passionate about both swimming and athletics and I excelled. I was strong, healthy and energetic, until I wasn’t.

I was involved in a nasty accident over 20 years ago which resulted in a spinal injury.

Thankfully the team looking after my rehabilitation introduced me to Pilates.

Determined to get back on my feet as soon as I possibly could, I became a Pilates devotee and the results were astonishing. My recovery even surprised my doctors.

Pilates became my new way of life.

Isn’t it funny how good things come out of bad? Who would have thought that breaking my back would ever be a good thing? But it was a turning point in my life. After a long career in hospitality, running businesses with my husband and working for others, I realised that I was actually ready for change. I had been attending the same Pilates studio for 3 years when the owner of the business suggested that it was time we switched places and that I should train to become a Pilates instructor. It was a natural progression for me, the penny had finally dropped. I then embarked on a quest to know everything I possibly could about Pilates and how to take the best care of my body.

Immediately after completing my Pilates course in Melbourne, I stepped in to teaching and to my sheer delight, I absolutely loved it.

I have now been teaching Pilates for 5 years and it is my passion.

Being a proud mother of 3 beautiful children, 18, 12 and 10, I manage a busy household and understand the importance of setting aside time for self. The old adage that you cannot look after others if you do not look after yourself first it so very true. I see it in busy parents all of the time, running around after their families to the detriment of their own health and wellbeing.

I am passionate about spreading this message and educating others. I love that Pilates gives me the opportunity to work with a wide range of people, from 17 year old dancers through to 70 year old retirees. Each person I come in contact with brings with them their own story and adds something different into my life. I am grateful that my passion provides me access to so many different people.

My classes are welcoming and inclusive and I do everything from balance and stretching through to weights and cardio so that all levels of fitness and abilities can attend the classes and work at their own pace.

The feedback that I receive from my classes is what makes what I do so special. My participants often remark on improvements in their mental wellbeing, concentration, energy levels, flexibility, strength and balance.

It is a blessing for me to do what I love every day and to work with others to help them build strong, healthy bodies. Pilates has changed my life and I am now changing others. This is what it is all about for me.