Sinead Murphy
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Sinead Murphy

Sinead Murphy

Coach, Nutrition
Core Stability Focus0%
Compound Movements0%
Personable Training0%
Mindful Mobility0%
Whole Foods Nutrition0%

Movement can be looked at from a scientific viewpoint, perhaps as varied or repetitive motions towards achieving a goal. But it is so much more than that – this action can happen automatically without us even thinking about it! When we are mindful of our movements and breathing, we can achieve not just external results to be seen, but a wide variety of internal physiological benefits and improvements. Honing into this mind-muscle connection has been a huge turning point for myself in my own health journey, and in my training I endeavour to empower others to embrace this paradigm which may unlock new horizons for your health that you previously never thought to exist.


While I was delving into exercise physiology and human anatomy study in a Bachelor of Human Movement, I was overwhelmed by the harmonious synchronization of the human body and all of its systems that interplay with one another. In particular, the power and importance of nutrition – so I pursued this pathway further in a Bachelor of Nutrition & Food Sciences. There is an abundance of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals naturally occurring across a wide range of foods, each with their integral role for maintaining optimal health and function. Whether you are motivated by enhancing athletic performance, creating a positive mindset or feeling energized for the day – finding balance through nutrition has the power to make it happen! I am driven to educate others using evidence-based nutritional knowledge, to support you in learning more about the foods your body desires and why, all so you can utilise this power to be and feel your ultimate best.


Karmony is filled with positive energy which I instantly felt connected with. You can look forward to structured strength and conditioning sessions in this energetic space (thanks to ASCA level 1 coaching accreditation); focusing on perfecting form, improving stability and generating power through compound exercise movements tailored for whichever exercise level you are at (and progressing towards!) I will endeavor to make you smile along this journey, as you grow stronger on the inside and out. So let’s get those endorphins flowing!


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