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So what’s going on out the back


I know it has been of an eye sore and resembling a cross between an old man’s garage and a milk factory for some time but there is something lurking beneath the chaos…..

With the likelihood of it being 2 weeks or so (depending on a couple of uncontrollable factors)….I can announce what is happening out there….

The room will be split between being primarily used as a performance training centre and a boxing facility.

What is a performance training centre?

It is a centre focused on coaching and developing individuals/athletes to perform at their optimal level. Apart from your professional clubs (AFL and the like)….there is a gap missing to provide this service and facility….Karmony is stepping up to provide this offering.

Whilst primarily for athletes, this offering will be for anyone willing to develop their strength, speed, power, agility, balance and functionality…..and will be utilized at times in the ‘standard’ Karmony offerings.



Scott Bassett and Edward Le Gallant (in consultation with yours truly) will operate this facility. It is an understatement to say that we are all pretty excited about what we can offer here and hopefully achieve with participants in the future.
It’s alive now….would love you to spread the word about what we are offering. Initially the offerings in this area will be for ages 15 plus…..both females and males…..with offerings tailoring to specific sports and requirements.

I expect the facility to also be available to teams in the near future as well.

More on this (and the boxing) to come.

author: Bryan Beinke


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