Sonya Stevens
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Sonya Stevens

Coach, Rehabilitation Therapist
Fitness and Health Coaching0%
Chronic condition management0%
Physical Rehabilitation0%
Functional Movement coaching0%
Exercise Neuroscience0%

Exercise is medicine! I am passionate about teaching the benefits of preventative and corrective exercise. For the last 15 odd years this has been my message to anyone who cared to listen 😊


I am an Exercise Scientist and Rehabilitation Therapist, even though I say I work in physical rehabilitation. I like to think I work in the general aches and pains department as well, because let’s face it we all experience some nagging aches and pains sometimes, if we’ve overdone it at the gym or sat on the couch too long.


In this present day we’ve all got some postural and/or musculoskeletal issue and we require some level of rehabilitation. These issues can be holding your progress back, I work on your roots … your foundation! .. fix this first and you will only get better and BETTER !


I also have an interest in sports trainer and event medic, my career highlights to date have been volunteering at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (on-field sports trainer), working on medical team for the race teams at Clipsal 500/Superloop and TV set medic for Channel 7 House Rules. However the most influential experiences in my career have been supporting a patient through their chemotherapy treatment or believing in my new mum client, pushing her to get to the top of the hill and crying tears of joy with her when we conquer it. These people teach me more about resilience and determination than I can ever imagine.


I love the diversity and unique challenges of what I do, from the 8 year old boy who couldn’t walk without a limp to the  62 year old man with an acquired brain injury, the young lady who has been diagnosed with breast cancer or to the elite Olympic athlete, each and everyone have unique requirements, however you’ll be surprised to know there is a lot of similarities in their training as well.


Let me help you discover the amazing fragility, adaptation and power of not only your body but your mind as well. It will be a privilege to join you on your journey of rediscovery, empowerment and success 😊




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Individual Coach