Our philosophy is centred on achieving




which means we get people (YOU & YOUR TEAM)



each and every day (not just looking better, but we do that too).



This leads to thriving, suppportive, productive and happy PEOPLE AND TEAMS.


We aim for ease and simplicity – the power of our programs and approach is in the simplicity and the controlled focus – one step at a time. Our program will centre around “The Karmony Method” – 7 key principles that when understood and applied consistently 100% ensure top class results and ease/enjoyment of the process.


A group of young people creating a tower by standing and holding each other.

We provide for you and your team….

All of the below is delivered through our App in Calendar Format for Daily Clarity and Simplicity.


Minimum 3 Workouts per week – no equipment required, individuals can utilise equipment if they have access. All workouts are guided, coached and can be progressive/modified in nature (more challenging/less challenging for individual level)


Specific workouts are consistently and continuously added – including equipment workouts (eg 1 or 2 Dumbbells, Bands, etc), focused short workouts (eg. abs, butt, legs, etc), high intensity workouts, challenges.


Weekly Yoga Flow




2 x Guided Meditations Per week


Nutrition Guidelines (we have our own Nutritionist) – providing simple and general guidelines to all as well as dealing with specific matters that may arise or affect your team (eg diabetics, women’s issues, menopause, blood pressure, etc)


Mindset Leadership & Guidance – such a priority in these times as no doubt, you’d agree.


Bite size focus pieces – on nutrition, mindset, how to get more out your workouts, stress & anxiety reduction, how to re-frame situations & beliefs, community & connection.


Above all else, we always look to make this as fun and enjoyable as possible with the individual at the absolute centre of our approach.


The best thing is we can roll this out for you as soon as next week. 

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Add ons…


Tailored Program for You and Your Team


Establishment and hosting of a private Facebook Group for your team to access to connect, support and communicate with us and each other – eg submit questions for the weekly Q&A (ability to do this privately as well to respect individuals), encouragement of community and connection through regular fun activities of sharing photos/videos/family/healthy meals/memes/commenting/supporting/etc.


Our 2 Head Coaches (and when required our Nutritionist) will post a weekly focus piece/Q&A for your team.


Regular contact with you (and your executive/HR team) to keep our collective finger on the pulse of the community, receive and respond to feedback, and to adapt and re-direct as we need.


Additional and/or specific sessions as requested 

Our Senior Team


Head Coach – Bryan

A former professional AFL Player & Commerce, Financial Planning and I.T. graduate, Bryan created Karmony Performance & Wellbeing 15 years ago to lead, guide, teach and support individuals to optimise their self-belief and self-confidence. He also created The Nth Degree working with elite athletes to optimise their performance and fulfilment.


Head Mind Body Coach – Kirsty

Kirsty lives and breathes movement, self-awareness and wellbeing, with a background in calisthenics and sport-aerobics, developing into a Bachelor of Human Movement and Personal Training from 2007. Through a down-to-earth approach of health and the body to include yoga, meditation and wellbeing coaching, she teaches self-respect and connection through these modalities, showing others how to find ease in life and love growing into their best selves.


Head Nutritionist – Marcia

Marcia is a Clinical Nutritionist with extensive experience in the government and corporate sectors based on a previous engineering/consulting career that spanned 20 years. This means that she understands the health issues facing employees in these environments, the impact ill health can have on performance and how to address it from a nutritional perspective.


We will be in contact with you shortly.

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