Wouldn’t it be nice…

💙 If your self worth wasn’t tied to your body image?

💙If you knew how to fuel yourself properly, so that those afternoon cravings don’t kick in?

💙If you didn’t have to think about food, calories, weight, all of that, all the time??!!


This is The Ultimate Weight Loss Program (for women) – but different to every other weight loss program you have ever done.

Most ‘weight loss’ programs are ridiculously short-sighted and tunnel visioned to immediate weight loss, at the expense of overall health, long term health, building and sustaining a strong healthy metabolism and relationship with food, not to mention the effect on your brain, stress levels and ability to perform in life. 

The Ultimate Weight Loss Program is for you, to cut through the BS of the trillion dollar perpetual weight loss industry and to actually teach you how to fish for yourself; not be reliant on another product, not go through another yoyo cycle ever again, not put your body through the emotional and hormonal turbulence of the all-or-nothing approach. Ever again.

A whole new relationship with food, with movement, with yourself.

We set ourselves up for life, because we move past the body image trap and step into knowledge, understanding and embodiment of a healthy and thriving lifestyle.



Our program is online and individual, yet run in a group environment (making it more cost effective for you and more effective regarding enjoyment, accountability and camaraderie).

While some of the women in our previous programs were apprehensive about joining a group, each one of them ultimately LOVED it and found it to be incredibly valuable; sharing, speaking up, being heard, hearing others, learning through organic flow of conversation rather than text book style lessons; in fact some of the biggest breakthroughs occur in this space.

But don’t just take our word for it; you can check out our testimonials below from others like yourself who have taken the leap.


Our next program starts very soon.

Please send us a message through the form below if you think we might be able to help you.

‘Weight’ challenges permeate into all other aspects of our lives. Let us help you change that FOR REAL this time – together.


"There are moments when opportunities come to you at the most perfect time and I feel like this program is one of them. I was in such a bad place only a few days ago and I feel so much better and we haven’t even really started!... I am super excited to see how amazing we will all be feeling in a month from now!”
"My friend who wants to do this next time keeps saying “I’ll do it with you next time they run it” and I keep reminding her that the idea is that it sets you up for life. I won’t need to do it again because by the end I will be living it. I guess that highlights the very clear difference between the focus of all the other programs out there and this one.”
“Hi, I just wanted to get this out there now so I don’t take up space in the huddle tomorrow. I no longer have resistance. I am resistance free. Resistance 0 Mel 1. I have been trying to live this life for a long time & this program gave me the focus & mindset to clear the noise… which has kicked me over the resistance hurdle. I can’t believe I’m here but being taught a different language & mindset has led me down the doing path from the “trying” path. I can feel the change, I feel peace, I feel like a dark cloud has lifted… dare I say I’ve seen the light. Honestly if I can beat the resistance anyone can & I’m so fucking glad I did this program. It came at the perfect time for me from the perfect people for me to hear it from. Can’t wait to see where I’m at Xmas time.”
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