“The way I see it, your goals become my goals, so we have something really powerful in

common before we even break a sweat”


My long and successful relationship with the Fitness Industry spans 19 years.


I left a successful 10 year career in Fashion to follow my heart into health and fitness in 1997 when I gained my qualifications at The Australian Institute for Fitness Professionals and immediately gained employment with the Perfect Fit.


Here, I was given the opportunity to multi-skill in a number of

different capacities, ranging from group and personal training to fitness testing and

reception/administration. It was a great start with a talented group of dedicated professionals

and has served me well in the ensuing years as I branched out into management roles.


After a break from full-time work when my daughter was born, I returned to the Australian Institute of

Fitness to update and refresh my qualifications in 2003.


In recent years, as my daughter has grown more beautifully independent, I have been able to return to the hands on business of

personal and group training – the stars then aligned and I came across the best place to do just

that at Karmony.


I view my role as your “Personal Trainer” in a literal sense. Your time with me is all about YOU

and regardless of your needs or any physical or mental limitations you may have, I will

confidently and capably guide you towards your goals. My clients’ health/fitness/wellness targets are

something that I take very seriously and it is always MY target to deliver them. I feel an

enormous sense of pride and satisfaction in being able to help people realise their dreams in

this way and its a buzz that NEVER gets old.


Having worked with countless individuals and groups in a myriad of formats and settings, I

always enjoy bringing the best out in ”my people”, with my naturally creative approach to life and

keen sense of humour and fun – there MUST be fun just as there must be some hard work.


My sessions are carefully planned for maximum productivity in minimum time – no beating around

the bush BUT I expect to laugh along the way as well because you gotta laugh every chance

you get.