Inspired to enter industry:

I had a negative relationship with exercise after an 8 year frustrating stint trying to play AFL.

My body continually broke down but there were times I was able to manage my injuries. It was

important for me to be at peace with exercise and the body, so I decided to learn more and try

and create an enjoyable environment for others too.

I also had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but lets stick to the top reason


Training style:

If you could imagine a cross between a Charles Bronson and Bear Grylls. If thats a little vague

(which I don’t think it is) I like to use the functional movement patterns and nail technique so

you move more efficiently. Its important to use a lot of variety and mix sessions up also.



I make a pretty amazing risotto. And I like to train people who are ready for change but just

need a little help with motivation and knowing how. Whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain or

sports performance I can help with all of these.



Warning: Gonna get a little deep here. Just to be honest and work with integrity, to be at a

place of non-judgement and offer a safe and motivating place that can facilitate change. That

wasn’t too bad was it?



You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Gandhi was a lad!


Fave cafe/pub:

Chinatown CafĂ© – The laksa is amazing and it’s only $8 or $9. Go in and tell them I sent you.

You won’t get a discount and they may look at you funny as if they don’t know who I am. So

it’s probably a bad idea. Just get the laksa.



Head Strength And Conditioning Coach at Norwood Football Club from 2012-2015 including

winning 3 consecutive premierships in my first 3 years. We lost in my last year so I left…..to




Bachelor of Social Science

Masters of Education

Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coach

Level 2 AFL Coach