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We have a new coach (and a new session)

Very excited about this one crew….it’s been a little while since we have welcomed some new blood into the walls of Karmony (from a coaching perspective). You have heard it from me before but I/we are blessed to have some of the most outstanding fitness personnel in this city in our midst…..the other gyms must be seriously p*ssed….I would be.

Any way….onto our new man. Let me introduce you to Mr. Scott Bassett. I have known Scotty for a long time as he used to chase me around the footy oval beating me up back when I thought wearing a pair of short shorts in the middle of Winter sounded like a fun idea.

With a background as a professional athlete (footballer) Scott was a Norwood boy who played for both Port Power and the Western Bulldogs in the AFL. Post football he has worked as a Personal Trainer and Teacher…..spent an envious of time travelling and more recently headed up the fitness program with Norwood in the local state football competition (during their 3 in a row premierships period) as well as being an assistant coach during this time as well. Above all, a talented, intelligent and well equipped man.

Ok that’s enough pumping him up….I feel a little ill now.

Anyway, Scott is on board as a personal trainer and available right now for individual or small group work…..and also will be heading up a couple of new areas within Karmony starting with a brand new class on Monday evenings.

If you see him around, say g’day….he won’t bite (very hard).

author: Bryan Beinke


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