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What’s to come…..an insight into my vision for Karmony

With the new facility and things changing (at least in a physical sense) pretty much daily at present….I am getting many questions on what is happening, where is it all going and the like. As such I thought I would address this in this forum to provide an insight into my vision, provide some transparency and open further discussion.

As draining as the workload has been, I am incredibly proud and excited about what Karmony has become and even moreso about where it is heading. I know in the coming months and beyond that you will see and feel some extra attention to detail and care for everyone involved at Karmony. With any growth and building there is undoubtedly a few speed bumps and growing pains but the journey is worth it. I would like to thank you for your patience, support, contribution and commitment to yourself and for what you bring to everyone else at Karmony. I would also like to publicly thank all the Karmony crew….Anna, Emma, Eli, Benet, Kirsty, Eddie and Scott….best team ever.

With the experience, expertise and passion of the guys mentioned above Karmony already offers the best of individual, small group, specialised and large group coaching. Add to this Kirsty’s ground breaking work with Conscious Movement, the Empress and Alpha programs (set to undertake an upgrade next school term), the Karmony for Kids programs and the introduction of the Performance Training facility….many bases are being covered.

Ok, so what’s on the agenda?

I have some physical amendments and additions to the physical appearance and offerings of the facility….when I find my wallet.

I am currently on the hunt for 2 more awesome coaches to join the team….

My desire and vision is for there to be dual sessions (or more) running each evening…..with 1 session being a general fitness session (in line with the current Team PT Karmony offering) and the other being specialized offerings with different coaches for each.

Similarly with the kids session, I envision with the completion of the facility that we can separate the kids sessions from the “grown ups” sessions and have coaches on board for each.

I am supper keen to get young adult (teens 13-17) general fitness sessions started in the near future. This is different and in addition to the performance training offering for teens.

There is a strong desire to offer a lot more workshops and similar style events in the future (hopefully I will even host one myself)…..bringing in other specialists and ‘folks of interest’ to provide us with future development, expansion and beyond.

I can almost guarantee that in coming times you will most definitely see several other out of the box events and offerings taking place at Karmony.

….just getting warmed up.

author: Bryan Beinke


Great work mate – the place is awesome.

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