Let’s be straight – we are not ruling out anyone under the age of 30 – not in the least.

What we are protecting, is a culture and ethos that is driven less by body image and high impact workouts, and more toward feeling great and longevity.

We have had many members come to us, having worked out in younger, high impact environments, having also realised that swollen knees and unhappy hips and backs are not something they can sustain (anymore).

Too often, we compare ourselves (as parents, as humans over 30, 40, 50…) to who we were in our 20’s and younger, still having the same images and requirements association with ‘exercise’ and ‘gym’ and ‘workouts’; an expectation of awesome fitness, of less numbers on the scales, of flat stomachs, of bodies before babies, of bodies before the back, hips and knees started to play up.

It’s time to wipe the slate clean.

It’s time to look at our situation and our bodies now through honest and respectful eyes.

Bodies change.

Life priorities change too.



The reasons we ‘workout’ may start to look different to the reasons we may have predominantly adopted when we were younger – which as already mentioned, tend to be very body image driven and have a lot to do with ‘fitting in’.

Hence – the way we Move and think about our Movement should be adapted to support our bodies and our longevity.

No, it does not mean we can’t train at a high intensity.

No, it does not mean we don’t lift heavy sh!t.

What it does mean, is that we approach our Movement from a place of it giving us what we need in order to feel great.

What do we mean by that?

Well, instead of jumping on the rower or the bike and watching the numbers turn over as you ‘burn calories’ – try instead to enjoy feeling fitter than you were yesterday, or tuning into your breath with each movement, or focusing on opening your posture up with each row.

Practice focusing on the things that really do enhance your quality of life.

Ironically, you will notice your body changing as an awesome byproduct – without it being an obsession this time.

Perhaps it’s time to completely reframe how you see ‘exercise’ – and instead, decide what you want it to mean for you now.

There is no need to miss out on yourself.

We can show you how – the Karmony way.