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With sadness comes appreciation, feeling, cleansing and new growth

It’s been a really big week in my personal world….don’t worry I am not going to unload onto you…..no doubt you have enough going on inside and outside to take care of.

However, I think it is always important to be reminded that we are all in this thing together and we all have our ups and downs, struggles and tribulations and an endless combination of other really cool and descriptive antonyms….(remember antonyms….??….it’s almost my middle name, literally).

Strangely enough as I sit here in the beautiful majestic surroundings of highly civilized and evolved Walkerville surrounded by beautiful people seeking the best glimpse in their sight for today’s Instagram post I find myself feeling uplifted…..after being crazy flat and sad all week (maybe longer). Potentially what is absurd about that is what has triggered the upturn…..a death.

We have all been through the deaths of loved ones….it is always tough and very much a roller coaster of emotions, numbness, re-prioritizing and support amongst other things.

This time for me a death has given me strength re-focus and a refreshed perspective.

Hearing the news of the unexpected death of Prince this morning….whilst hitting me with intense sadness and a whole range of other emotions has without a doubt shocked me back into really feeling…..his music always had a profound effect on me (as it has done millions and millions)…..magnified immensely today and no doubt from this moment forward. I have been listening to lots and lots of Prince over recent times….has helped me through a pretty tough period in my life. The news today hit me with the power of a moment, the beauty of life, the amazing gifts we all have and how connected we all are…..whether we choose to feel it or not. As I sit all of those things resonate with me to my core….and it is so bloody nice to feel them again….I plan to embrace them big time this time around.

Thank you Prince Rogers Nelson…..you crazy eccentric magical genius passionate being….your gifts and creations have given so much and will keep giving forever and a day.

Now we can all carry a part of you with us every day.

author: Bryan Beinke


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