I have always been passionate about sport, health and fitness – I have never been able to live without it. Whether it’s football, basketball, cricket, running, swimming, HIIT, strength work, wakeboarding, waterskiing …… in fact, give me a reason to move my body, and I’m pretty much up for it.

Oh, and I LOVE the water…. the ocean and river are my happy places… I’m not into astrology at all, but I am a water sign, who knows….

In terms of experience, I have played football to a (reasonably) high level and achieved real success in that time.

At a surface level – Reserves level for PAFC, Involved in 7 Grand Final teams SAAFL & HFL, 5 x senior Premierships, 2 x Best and Fairest, Captaincy/Champions in multiple representative teams (Adelaide Hills & State Country Championships), Coached 1 x Junior Premiership (U14, 2020).

Beyond the surface – understanding the training and mindset required for success, working as an individual and team for success, helping and supporting people in a sport/health/fitness environment to improve, and most importantly, connections and friendships that will last a lifetime.

…fast forward to now…

At the tender age of 40-something, I am a recently qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. 

I’m new in terms of actually working in the industry, but it’s really been in my DNA my whole life – a voice inside me that’s been there for years, and I’ve finally listened…and to be honest, I just f…ing love it (sorry, can I say that on air Bryan?)

Health and Fitness, for me, is all about personal investment, balance and consistency.

I love working hard, I love the intensity required for high performance and achievement, but I also respect the need to slow down, to breathe deeply and appreciate all the positive elements that a healthy life can deliver (all too well – trust me, I have learnt the hard way!). It’s something we can all do, every day –  living a ‘Health Culture’, if you will.

My strength is building connections with people (individuals and teams), finding what motivates them, and harnessing that to achieve their goals – importantly with a greater sense of fulfillment and self worth underpinning the physical elements.

Then once we get there, we breathe, reset, and go again.

And 1 thing I can guarantee – if you’re willing to take the journey, then Karmony is the place to take it.